How can I pay at Manifesto Market?

Welcome to the future. The entire concept of Manifesto Market is based on a cashless payment system and is equipped with terminals that accept all types of cards and mobile payment apps. We know that cashless payment is not only convenient, but also hygienic and increases security for our customers and employees. If you only have cash, you can exchange it at the offices of our stores and get a prepaid card that will allow you to take advantage of all our stores have to offer. By using digital payments, you help protect our employees and yourself.

What are the opening hours of Manifesto Market?

Manifesto Market is open seven days a week, from 11 am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 11 pm Sunday through Thursday.

How many total seating options are there at Manifesto Market?

Manifesto Market in Berlin has a total of 960 seats and offers 22 restaurants and 4 bars.

What makes Manifesto Market the largest food hub in Europe?

Manifesto Market is the largest of its kind in Europe, with an area of 4,400 m² and the number of restaurants that operate in this space. Specifically, there are 22 restaurants and 4 bars. 

Is there service or self-service at Manifesto Market?

Manifesto offers a targeted service. Table service takes drink orders directly at the tables. However, the concept encourages interaction between guests and chefs, so all meals are ordered at the counters and picked up by guests. Manifesto's crew takes care of collecting dirty dishes and glasses, so guests can focus on their experience, tasting and making memories, and not worry about their table when they leave. Customers can also place takeout orders online. 

What exactly does "focused service" mean? How do I know when and where to pick up my food?

The caterers will use a notification system (buzzer). 

Who was responsible for the interior design of the Manifesto (furniture, counters, partitions, etc.)?

The design is by Sara Gomes, a young Portuguese architect commissioned by founder Martin Barry, himself an architect. Sara Gomes designed the interiors on both floors, gastro kitchens, bars, a beer tower, guest areas, the Kidz Box, and custom furniture to create intimate and communal experiences for small and large groups of guests. The use of high-quality and elegant materials is intended to create an inviting, vibrant, entertaining and highly functional environment that supports the smooth operation of the restaurants, market team and service while inspiring and impressing thousands of people each day. 

How were the 22 restaurants that exist in Manifesto Market Berlin selected?

The 22 restaurants were carefully selected from 800 applicants in a meticulous process that included several rounds of tastings and candidates for each type of cuisine. In a culinary scene as rich as Berlin, the goal was to focus on exceptional, diverse cuisines that emphasize authenticity and high-quality preparation and service. Most of the restaurants are based in Berlin and are run by founders and chefs originally from three continents. Two concepts have been working with Manifesto for many years in Prague and decided to expand with the market to Berlin. In addition, it was important for Manifesto Market to work closely with restaurants that share the same values of inclusivity and sustainability, as well as a great passion for food and hospitality. Manifesto specifically promoted female entrepreneurs and found four concepts where women play a key role.

What is the Beer Tower all about?

The Beer Tower consists of ten tanks, each with a capacity of 500 liters, and connects the first floor with the second floor as a visual architectural highlight. The unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell beer is delivered directly from the brewery in Pilsen by a tanker truck and is also freshly tapped directly from the tanks. Pilsner Urquell, a beer brand that gave a beer type its name, is popular beyond the borders of the Czech Republic - a tribute to the roots of the Manifesto Market in Prague.

Can I bring my dog?

 Yes, but, keep your doggie on a leash. #DogsofManifesto