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Where will Manifesto Berlin be located?

Manifesto Market will become a flagship food hub within Brookfield Properties’ extensive redesign of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin which aims to create a green, pedestrian-friendly and vibrant quarter with high quality facilities.


The area is surrounded by prestigious cultural institutions, such as the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall, Sony Center, the Culture Forum, and the future Museum of the 20th Century. Hotels, theatres, CinemaxX, offices, and coworking hubs bring to Potsdamer Platz over 110,000 visitors a day, and about 30,000 people work in the immediate vicinity, with over 300 residential apartments located in the same area. The neighborhood benefits from excellent accessibility by public transport and train, 700 bike parking spots, and an additional 2,100 parking spaces for cars. Some of the most desirable retail brands are also lured by the potential of the place, such as Mattel and NBA Store, which are directly adjacent to the future location of Manifesto.



What is included in the service fee?

Manifesto helps chefs to focus on what they love doing most: making delicious food. We take care of the rest to create an excellent customer experience. Included in the service fee are the ins and outs of managing the food hub, design of the guest area, payment software and hardware, data insights and sales advisory, year-round and seasonal marketing strategies, and all delivery operations. Reach out to get more details. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


When are you open?

Manifesto will operate daily and year-round. Get in touch to learn more about the launch date. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


Is fine dining the right type of cuisine for Manifesto? 

Manifesto food hubs offer delicious street food, fine dining, and everything in between. Tell us about your restaurant and concept. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


Is Manifesto a fast food concept? 

Manifesto serves customers who seek convenient dining options but none of the typical concepts is fast food. We call it the premium affordable experience. Meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and using authentic techniques and they are served on porcelain tableware. Tell us about your restaurant and concept. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


Why is Manifesto cashless?

Manifesto has proven the cashless operations bring a triple advantage. Cashless payments are transparent, safe, and clean. The convenience of being cashless has been quickly adopted and appreciated by restaurant managers and customers alike in all our locations. They are easy and comfortable. 


Do you provide spaces for virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens? 

Manifesto is a hybrid concept. Every restaurant serving food in-market is able to launch a parallel brand for delivery-only and increase its sales potential. We are managing a unique marketplace delivery system. Tell us about your restaurant and concept. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


How much does it cost to open a restaurant with Manifesto? 

It costs about 10% compared to starting in a usual brick and mortar location. Manifesto helps remove the huge risk and helps restaurateurs grow and scale with less overhead cost and flexible leases. Reach out to get more details. [ Click HERE to learn more ]


Who is behind Manifesto?  

Manifesto Market transforms places into vibrant destinations people remember and talk about. We mobilize creative energy, industry experience, and commercial potential. We are committed to people-centric food and entertainment experiences, and sustainability. Manifesto was founded in 2018 by American architect and entrepreneur Martin Barry. Manifesto Berlin will be his fourth and largest food hub.