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Cultural market of containers transforms disused Prague site

Cultural market of containers transforms disused Prague site

A new marketplace offering food and culture has transformed an unused site at the heart of Prague’s city center. Titled ‘Manifesto’, the project was the brainchild of Martin Barry, who, in addition to being the founder of architecture and urbanism platform reSITE, is also a landscape architect in his own right. The site, which is awaiting its permanent redevelopment by Zaha Hadid architects, has been overhauled thanks to a series of carefully positioned containers.

Sited between two billboards and overlooked by an elevated highway, the project’s main intention was to bring a forgotten corner of the city back to life. Designed to be temporary and movable, Manifesto comprises 27 custom-built containers that house food, beverage, and retail spaces. the market’s configuration is oriented around a main avenue, squares, and an ‘old town’ — a layout that references Prague’s urban fabric.

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