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Get Your Manifesto Card: Perfect as a Gift, an Event Pass or a Cash Alternative

Get Your Manifesto Card: Perfect as a Gift, an Event Pass or a Cash Alternative

What is the Manifesto Card for?

  • Tasteful Gift: The Manifesto Gift Card is an ideal present for foodies, event-goers, and market lovers alike. It's a thoughtful way to treat someone to a myriad of experiences at Manifesto Market. Giving them the luxury to explore 22 restaurants and 3 bars at their own pace. 

    • Tip: The Manifesto Card is a great Christmas present or birthday gift for those who enjoy discovering new tastes and expanding their palate.

    • Cash Alternative: Not keen on using your credit card every time? Load up your Manifesto Card and make transactions as smooth as your market experience.

  • Event Pass: Hosting a private event? The Manifesto Card helps you keep a handle on the budget, allowing you to preload and control spending limits with ease. Our event manager will set this up with you to meet all your preferences and needs – the card can be valid solely during the event or beyond, to make a nice complimentary gift.

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How Can I Get It?

Ready to streamline your food market experience? Here's how you can get your hands on a Manifesto Card – simply visit our site office on the 1st floor, on the left from Chi Kin. Someone from our team will assist you in purchasing and charging your card. 

Additional Information

  • The minimum amount to load is 20 EUR and increments are Euros 5 from thereon
  • Payable by cash or card 
  • The card is welcomed by all our bars and vendors
  • Recharging is hassle-free, just visit our office on the 1st floor 
  • If your card is running low on credits, you can pay the remaining amount with a credit card
  • The card is transferable and not fixed to a name, making it a versatile gift
  • You can inquire about your balance at any bar or restaurant within the market
  • Gift cards are non-refundable and valid until the end of 2024 

Payment Process

  • Payment is made on a POS terminal, not a credit card terminal
  • Simply hand your card to the vendor who will process the payment for you
  • Once the transaction is complete, the card is returned to you, and you're ready to continue exploring all that the food hub has to offer

The Manifesto Card is your passport to a streamlined and stylish culinary journey through 22 restaurants and 3 bars. It's perfect for gifting, dining, enjoying our rich cultural program, and so much more. So why wait? Get your Manifesto Card today and step into a world of effortless enjoyment and exclusive experiences. 

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