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Himitsu: Unlocking a Hidden Japanese Speakeasy Bar at Manifesto Market

Himitsu: Unlocking a Hidden Japanese Speakeasy Bar at Manifesto Market

Discover the Art of Japanese Drinking 

It's more than just a place to drink; it's an immersive experience that lets you delve into the diversity and artistry of Japanese alcoholic beverages. In Himitsu, every detail – from the curated beverage selection, fine glassware collection to the subtle gestures of the bartender – is a nod to Japan's meticulous bar culture. 

At the heart of Himitsu's ethos is a dedication to simplicity and profound respect for craftsmanship. The bar's soul is enshrined in its showcase of Japan's finest sake and shochu, and highballs celebrating traditional spirits in their purest forms. But the true essence of Himitsu lies in the art of aging cocktails in "Kame" earthenware pots – these traditional vessels, which were exclusively shipped to Himitsu directly from Okinawa, are more than mere containers; their soil imparts a distinct minerality, subtly mellowing and enriching the cocktail's flavors over time. This ensures a dynamic blend where the base is continually replenished, creating a perpetually maturing cocktail. 

The whole speakeasy experience is heightened by a unique approach to mixing drinks. Here, cocktails are crafted with a precision that reflects the Japanese dedication to detail. Ice is lifted rather than stirred, to emphasize the quality of the mixers and spirits without diluting their essence.

How to Find Himitsu?

The journey to Himitsu is an integral part of the experience, evoking the thrill of discovering Tokyo's secret bars. As you navigate through Manifesto Market, a place that buzzes with life and culinary delights, keep an eye out for the subtle hints – a collection of Japanese magazines and manga, subtly pointing the way. And if you notice a red light, you're on the right track. Ring the bell, and you might just gain entry to this exclusive hideaway.

An Intimate Affair Worth Booking 

Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 PM until late hours, the bar has limited seating, ensuring a bespoke and memorable experience for each guest. To secure your spot in this hidden gem, make a reservation via

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Keep the Secret at Himitsu

Discover the allure of Himitsu by following the Instagram handle @himitsu.speakeasy and stay updated on the latest from this enigmatic Japanese speakeasy. Himitsu is not just a bar; it's a cozy hideaway worth exploring in the vibrant landscape of Berlin's Manifesto Market.

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