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Poke Bowls in Prague: The Chuck Norris of Food at Manifesto Anděl

Poke Bowls in Prague: The Chuck Norris of Food at Manifesto Anděl

Some even describe the Hawaiian specialty as the Chuck Norris of food – unbeatable in flavor, versatility, and charm. Poke bowls are surely making waves in Prague's food scene and they are here to stay. Dive with us into this flavorful realm and discover where to find the best ones in the heart of Europe!

What is a Poke Bowl?

Originating from Hawaiian culture, the term "poke" (pronounced poh-keh) translates to “to slice”. A typical poke bowl is brimming with chunks of raw seafood like salmon or tuna, marinated and layered over jasmine rice. Toppings like avocado, sesame seeds, and seaweed complete the dish, with umami-packed sauces drizzled over. The result? A firework of colors and flavors that are not only delicious, but also healthy.




NAPOKĒ - Fascinated by Poke Since 2017

The global culinary wave brought poke bowls to Europe's heart, and Prague, being the cosmopolitan city it is, embraced it wholeheartedly. Several poke bowl restaurants have mushroomed around the city. Among them, NAPOKĒ stands out as a beacon for those looking for an authentic taste. Most restaurants say that they exist because they love cooking, but this one exists because of a strong fascination with poke. They opened their first branch in Prague in 2017, after testing their recipes at food festivals and catering events.



Sushi Enthusiasts, Here's Why You'll Love Poke Bowls

A poke bowl shares its essence with sushi, primarily in the use of fresh raw fish. But unlike sushi, which revolves around rolls and bite-sized pieces, poke bowls provide a freer, more customizable dining experience. Imagine building your sushi bowl, picking your base, protein, and toppings! It’s no wonder sushi lovers in Prague are gravitating towards places like NAPOKĒ with a team that is always happy to accommodate your tastes. 


Manifesto Market Anděl & NAPOKĒ: The Ultimate Poke Bowl Experience in Prague

These superfood mood boosters can be eaten anywhere, but they taste the best al fresco, ideally close to water. NAPOKĒ is one of the 15 restaurants nestled within Manifesto Market Anděl, with a “dip-your-feet-in” pool nearby — making this the ultimate poke bowl experience, especially during summer months. Get your friends together and choose from a variety of bowls like Salmon Ponzu, Spicy Tuna, Ginger Shrimps, Avocado Boom or Tofu Shoyu to name a few. Paired with the vibrant ambiance of Manifesto Market, dining at NAPOKĒ becomes an experience, not just a meal.


Poke bowls, with their delightful taste and versatility, have undoubtedly made a mark in Prague's culinary scene. And places like NAPOKĒ are leading this delightful revolution with their commitment to freshness and a passion for slicing things up. Head over to Manifesto Market Anděl and embark on your Hawaiian culinary journey right in the heart of Europe.


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