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Beer Tower

Beer Tower

A two-story beer tower filled with Pilsner Urquell? More than just a tribute to the Czech homeland of Manifesto.

Reaching new heights with beer

The two-story beer tower consists of ten large beer tanks, each holding 500 liters, from which fresh, unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell is tapped directly. A unique experience that will hopefully attract curiousity. That's not all - you will be able to choose from 7 draft beers and 10 bottled beers at Manifesto Potsdamer Platz. Asahi Brands Germany GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of international premium beer brands, will also provide the right variety of beers. In addition to the Japanese Asahi Super Dry, which will be especially popular in the Asian restaurant scene on the second floor, there will be the Italian Peroni Nastro Azzurro, among others.
Beer Tower
Beer Tower

What's Pilsner Urquell?

For those who don't know, Pilsner Urquell is a lager beer brewed in Plzeň - a small town in the Czech republic, which is a country that is renowned for its mastery of this craft. The world's first pale lager is hopped with Saaz hops, a noble hop variety which is a key element in its flavour profile, as is the use of soft water. It's loved by people across the world since 1842, now on tap at Manifesto Potsdamer Platz.

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Beer Tower

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