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Burger Turm

Burger Turm

Burger Turm is a highly popular destination for traditional and unique burger creations since 2018. One of the best burgers in town, makes its way to Manifesto Potsdamer Platz — your local lovable food hub.

Life is better with burgers

Get ready for a fast casual better burger restaurant serving handcrafted, made-to-order burgers, fries, and signature steaks, using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality, and unique regional specialties like their signature Angus Burger. Burger Turm was ranked number one on Tripadvisor out of 6,000 restaurants for three years in a row. Will you try their beef Ham-Let Burger, the veggie Crispy Quinoa Burger or their vegan burger Avocadon’t worry be happy?
Burger Turm

If you need to eat burgers, this is the place. You can choose the buns in many ingredients. And the meat was juicy and delicious. Best burgers I've ever eaten.

Kim Erik Strøm

They have gluten-free buns! So that is amazing for people that cannot eat gluten, like me 🙂 Burgers were very good! I only had delivery so no idea about the atmosphere 🙂

Romana Hynštová
Burger Turm

To be number one, you have to keep up

The Founder Natalia Ciobanu, working closely with her partner and Chef Hüseyin Özer, explains: "To be number one in Berlin, you have to be able to keep up. We've been thinking about a second store for a while, and when Manifesto entered Berlin, it really excited us. The food hub concept is brilliant, very 21st century-like and it does not exist like this in Berlin."

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

Manifesto is an experience worth planning ahead. Guarantee your seating and receive a special greeting from our site managers.
Burger Turm

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