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Daruma Ramen

Daruma Ramen

Authentic Japanese ramen in the middle of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz.

To slurp or not to slurp?

Enjoy a hot bowl of authentic Japanese ramen noodles paired with a cold glass of refreshing beer. You will find Daruma Ramen on the first floor of Manifesto Market which is entirely dedicated to the tastes of Asian cuisine. Their mission is to serve healthy, delicious, exciting, hearty, and affordable bowls of happiness. In Japan, it's considered good manners to slurp your noodles. So slurp away!
Daruma Ramen

Precious! The ramen were gooey! Good soup base with lots of ingredients. The meat in it was good too. We'll try something different next time.


One of the best ramen in Berlin, highly recommended 👍👍

Yonghua Chen
Daruma Ramen

Achieve your goals with lucky bowls of ramen

The flagship ramen was crafted by their native Japanese head chef, who has over 30 years of industry experience. On top of that, there's a spiritual dimension to this restaurant. Daruma dolls are talismans that not only bring good luck, but serve as a reminder of your own life goals - like the one of eating wonderful food. Get your ramen here and expect joy and blessings.

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

Manifesto is an experience worth planning ahead. Guarantee your seating and receive a special greeting from our site managers.
Daruma Ramen

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