Manifesto market

Potsdamer Platz rediscovered: new hotspot for dining, business and entertainment.

Manifesto Berlin will live at the heart of the city in the vibrant and well connected Potsdamer Platz. Combining dining, entertainment, and culture, we elevate the eating out experience to a new level.

110,000 daily visitors in the area
30,000 people work here
46,000 sq. m. dedicated to shopping

Open a Space at Manifesto Berlin. Lacking staff and footfall? We have solutions.

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Manifesto will bring you customers. No matter if you start a completely new brand or expand an existing concept. Manifesto creates an emotional connection with end-customers and takes care of the flow of guests day by day, season by season.
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Joining our food hub costs 10% of what a standalone location requires. Restaurateurs focus on the kitchen fit-out while Manifesto designs and takes care of the whole customer experience, technology, data and marketing.
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Start up and generate revenue within a few weeks from now. Higher margins and lower operating costs bring faster return on investment.
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Less staff is needed. We help you manage data insights, marketing, tech, and the customer experience. Manifesto is the only food hub providing table service. Your business can grow with a very small team.

“About 60% of our sales go to customers who came here specifically for us, so a solid 40% of my sales are made to customers who didn't know I existed. That's huge.”

Isaac Starobin, Dirty Dog

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Manifesto Berlin will be the fourth and largest food hub from American entrepreneur and architect Martin Barry and his partner Hollie Lin, who founded the brand in 2018 in Prague. The mission of Manifesto is to transform ordinary, unused places into unique experiences in both physical and virtual environments through temporary and permanent real estate projects. Using modern technologies, Manifesto builds and manages innovative spaces and creates a stable and accessible gastronomic ecosystem. It thus provides independent restaurants and virtual kitchens with low entry costs and higher achievable margins. In 2022, the multi-awarded brand is set to begin its international expansion. Manifesto food hubs are operated as cashless zones and strives to implement sustainability at all levels of operations.

Manifesto focuses on diversity and explicitly encourages female and non-binary restaurateurs, architects and entrepreneurs to join the team.