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Korean Bakery60

The very first Korean-style bakery in Prague, filled with enough pastries and coffee for the whole Manifesto Market and beyond. Their offer looks like it comes straight from a fairytale—fluffy cakes, lots of white cream and frosting, big strawberries... All your sweet dreams become reality here, as soon as you enter the market from the side entrance.

The bakery you will fall in love with

This Korean bakery offers yummy cakes, floppy bread, cheesy corndogs, donuts and so much more! Sweet or savory, you are up for a treat as everything is fresh and made with the love and care it deserves. Paired with coffee specials like mint, matcha and dolce latte will make this the perfect pick-me-up snack any time of the day.

What a find. Very different pastries and everything I tried was delicious. Corn dogs, sweet corn bun and red paste bun. Yum!

Robin Terrell

Definitely my favorite place in Prague. Different Korean pastries and cakes. Ordered here a lot of birthday cakes. Obviously recommend to anyone!

apolin 656

Teamwork makes the dream work

This bakery is sweet also thanks to its story. It's run by an international couple who fell in love with each other in the kitchen. Since then they have grown their team—love, support, productivity, creativity and growth are now the main ingredients to success here. Discover the taste, texture and flavor of Korea!

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