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Holy Pasta

Holy Pasta

The divine taste of fresh street food. Created in Athens in 2021, this unique concept has made world-class flavors accessible outside of luxury Italian cuisine. Holy Pasta is not just a restaurant, it is a confession of love for fresh pasta. It is an ever-evolving culinary adventure that is now delighting taste buds in Athens and Prague, with its sights set on Munich and other cities. Every bite here is a discovery, every dish an experience.

A menu that celebrates the uplifting taste of fresh pasta

Ordering from Holy Pasta is like attending a live cooking show. Choose from 7 types of fresh pasta, 12 toppings and 16 unique sauces and watch them being prepared fresh right in front of your eyes. Every plate is a culinary experience - from the creamy deliciousness of carbonara paste to the earthy elegance of pasta with truffles. Vegetarians can enjoy fresh Pesto Genovese, while conservatives will appreciate the simplicity of classic pastas like Pomodoro and Quattro Formaggi. These dishes are a calling card of the quality and creativity of home-made Italian cuisine. The menu is divided into five categories (meat, vegetarian, vegan, fish and fitness), so you can't go wrong.
Holy Pasta

Finally! If you are looking for fresh authentic italian pasta spot that uses top notch ingredients Holy Pasta is your place! Pasta is daily fresh made. Dont miss it!

Nikolaos Ntemos

Delicious fresh pasta. I really like the spot. Huge variety of sauces and pasta. From now on my go-to pasta store!

Ni Ko
Holy Pasta

Culinary Artistry Led by Chef Yannis Solakis

The magic in the kitchen of Holy Pasta is orchestrated by none other than award-winning Executive Chef Yannis Solakis. With over three decades of culinary artistry spanning New York, London, Amsterdam, and Mykonos, Chef Solakis brings a world of experience to every dish. His illustrious career includes a significant tenure with Barilla, the world´s largest pasta manufacturer, as quality representative for Greece - reinforcing his expertise in crafting pasta recipes that are both authentic and innovative. At Holy Pasta, passion and skill converge to create a menu that's not just diverse but also deeply rooted in the tradition and quality of Italian cuisine. Join us and partake in the divine taste that is Holy Pasta.

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Holy Pasta

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