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YAYA's Meat & Seafood

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Main course

Discover meat and seafood recipes that are simple, delicious, and memorable.

Souvlaki (chicken or pork)

Meat, herbs, cucumber, yoghurt, garlic

CZK 295.00

Pork gyros

Pork, herbs, onion, garlic, cucumber

CZK 295.00

Bifteki (classic or stuffed with feta cheese)

Meat, feta, herbs, garlic, cucumber, yoghurt, onion

CZK 295.00

Seafood salad

Seafood, rocket salat, grilled bread

CZK 265.00

Greek salad

Tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta

CZK 165.00

Winter specialities

Winter specialities from Yaya's for an even more dramatic Greek cuisine experience.

Gyros in pita

Pita bread, pork gyros, red onion, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce

CZK 195.00