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YAYA's Meat & Seafood

YAYA's Meat & Seafood

Experience Greek food the right way - with a big smile and a happy feeling.

Transport yourself to the Mediterranean Sea

Meat and seafood recipes that are simple, delicious, and memorable. Grilled meats such as souvlaki and bifteki, perfectly seasoned with traditional spices. Seafood prepared just like it's from a seaside taverna. Beloved appetizers such as tzatziki and melitzanosalata. Olive oil. Feta cheese. Do we need to say more?
YAYA's Meat & Seafood

Everything is nice here, I prefer the Greek cuisine and its team.

Ivanka Školo

I found a place where I will spend the summer.

Lukrecia Salvador-Palamino
YAYA's Meat & Seafood

Restaurants can't work without a smile

Yaya's owner Vasileios Gialaouzidis presents an authentic and passionate take on Greek cuisine. Just the way a typical "yaya" (grandma) would make it. It's always lively and cheerful at this sunny side of Manifesto Market - people rejoicing in the little things and making the most of the comfortable atmosphere.

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

Manifesto is an experience worth planning ahead. Guarantee your seating and receive a special greeting from our site managers.
YAYA's Meat & Seafood

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