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Malakeh in Berlin: A Taste of Authentic Syrian Cuisine at Manifesto Market

Malakeh in Berlin: A Taste of Authentic Syrian Cuisine at Manifesto Market

The Queen of Syrian Cooking in Berlin

Malakeh Jazmati, renowned as the Queen of Syrian cooking, has brought her exquisite culinary skills to Berlin. Since relocating in 2015, Malakeh, along with her husband Mohammed, has transformed their Syrian catering business into a celebrated restaurant. Their journey from catering to renowned restaurateurs is a testament to their dedication to authentic Syrian cuisine. From serving German Chancellor Angela Merkel to delighting Berliners, Malakeh’s journey is a culinary tale of success.

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A Menu Brimming with Authenticity

At Malakeh, every dish is a story of Syria’s rich culinary heritage. The menu features authentic Middle Eastern dishes such as Kabab Kashkash, a rolled grilled minced meat delicacy with parsley, Aleppo peppers, spices, and tomato sauce. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will find something to savor, including the renowned Eggplant Fatteh, available in both meat and vegetarian options. Each ingredient is sourced with meticulous care, ensuring an authentic and enriching dining experience.

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Malakeh's Ladies' Brunch: A Blend of Tradition and Flavor

Malakeh doesn't just serve food; she curates experiences. Her special Ladies' Brunch at Manifesto is a celebration of tradition, flavor, and community. Attendees can enjoy a range of Syrian recipes, each bursting with flavor and tradition, while engaging in enriching discussions about various cultural practices. The Chef Malakeh show, presented in Arabic and English, adds a unique and educational dimension to this delightful brunch.

A Cultural Oasis at Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market Potsdamer Platz is more than just a food market; it's a hub of cultural exchange. With a lineup of events ranging from live music to movie nights, flea markets, and more, every visit to Manifesto Market is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic cultural community. Malakeh’s presence in the market adds a layer of authenticity and culinary excellence to this vibrant atmosphere.

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Convenient Dining with Extended Hours

Manifesto Market offers the convenience of a cashless environment, ensuring quick and hassle-free dining experiences. With extended opening hours from 11 AM to 10 PM every day, visitors have ample opportunity to explore the culinary delights of Malakeh, alongside other global cuisines adding up to 22 curated restaurants available at the market. Whether it's a quick lunch, a sumptuous dinner, or a casual meet-up, Manifesto Market caters to all.

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Why Choose Malakeh for Syrian Cuisine in Berlin?

For those seeking an authentic taste of Syrian cuisine in Berlin, Malakeh at Manifesto Market Potsdamer Platz is a clear choice. With its commitment to authenticity, quality ingredients, and a passion for culinary traditions, Malakeh offers an unparalleled dining experience. Coupled with the vibrant setting of Manifesto Market and its rich cultural programming, a meal here is not just about food, but a celebration of culture and community. So why wait? Head over to Malakeh and embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Syria, right in the center of Berlin.