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Savoring Souvlaki in Prague: YAYA's Meat & Seafood at Manifesto Anděl

Savoring Souvlaki in Prague: YAYA's Meat & Seafood at Manifesto Anděl

Let's embark on a journey exploring the timeless allure of Mediterranean dishes in the middle of Manifesto Market Anděl, one of the go-to-places for this grilled delicacy. 

Souvlaki: The Culinary Heartbeat of Greece in Prague

Synonymous with Greek street food, souvlaki has rapidly grown in demand. At YAYA's Meat & Seafood, you can indulge in a delectable choice of chicken or pork skewers, grilled to perfection and enhanced with the freshest herbs, yogurt, and cucumbers. Wrapped in soft pita bread, it's no wonder this dish is the talk of the town, making it the best souvlaki in Prague.

The Ancient Allure of Souvlaki:

Souvlaki's roots trace back to ancient times. The name itself, derived from the Greek word 'souvla' meaning 'skewer,' provides a glimpse into its essence. Ancient Greeks savored skewered meats as depicted in literature and artworks, with Homer even mentioning a form of grilled skewered meat in his epics. Over centuries, this culinary tradition evolved, blending with various cultures and tastes. 

Modern-day souvlaki, with its marinated pieces of meat served on skewers, often accompanied by pita, is not just a dish; it's a testament to Greece's rich culinary heritage. This age-old delicacy, now enjoyed globally, encapsulates the flavors, traditions, and spirit of the Mediterranean in every bite.

Beyond Souvlaki: YAYA's Expansive Greek Menu

While souvlaki is undeniably the star, YAYA's offers an array of dishes that elevate the Greek food in Prague experience. Apart from the renowned souvlaki, there are the juicy pork gyros and the tantalizing bifteki, available classic or with a feta twist. And for those who want a bit of everything? The Meat Plate is a symphony of flavors.

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Greek Seafood Delicacies: A Plunge into the Aegean

A visit to a Greek restaurant is incomplete without sampling the treasures of the sea. YAYA's Meat & Seafood perfectly captures the essence of the Mediterranean with its seafood offerings.

  • Calamari Classics: Whether you prefer it grilled, marinated in tarama, or fried with a side of spicy mayo, YAYA’s calamari dishes are a tribute to Greece’s coastal heritage.

  • Shrimp Souvlaki & Beyond: Giving a seafood twist to the traditional souvlaki, YAYA's shrimp variant is a must-try. And for those looking to dive deep into marine flavors, the Seafood Plate, adorned with calamari, shrimp souvlaki, and seafood salad, is an ode to the Aegean's bounty.

Fresh & Flavorful: Salads and Dips the Greek Way

The supporting cast of salads and dips at YAYA's are as integral to the dining experience as the headlining acts.

  • The Quintessential Greek Salad: A timeless classic, the Greek salad at YAYA's boasts of juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, sharp red onions, and creamy feta.

  • YAYA's Signature Seafood Salad: This dish is a harmonious blend of the freshest catch from the ocean and the peppery zing of rocket salad. Complemented by the smoky undertones of perfectly grilled bread, each bite transports you to a sun-kissed Greek taverna by the sea.

  • Dips to Dive Into: From the refreshing tzatziki with its yogurt, cucumber, and garlic blend to the rich melitzanosalata, made from roasted eggplant, each dip is a testament to Greek culinary traditions.

Just the Way Your Grandma Would Make It 

Yaya's owner Vasileios Gialaouzidis presents an authentic and passionate take on Greek cuisine. Just the way a typical "yaya" (grandma) would make it. It's always lively and cheerful at this sunny side of the market - people rejoicing in the little things and making the most of the ambiance reminiscent of a seaside taverna. Beyond its menu, the ethos of YAYA’s revolves around creating an immersive Mediterranean experience. The side offerings, from freshly baked pita bread to the tang of baked feta cheese and the allure of Greek olives, perfectly round off any meal.

Embark on a Grecian Culinary Odyssey

Manifesto Market Anděl, with its eclectic blend of restaurants and lively atmosphere, is the perfect backdrop for YAYA’s. So, whether you’re craving souvlaki, seafood, or a simple Greek salad, you know where to find the most authentic Greek food in Prague.

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