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Fat Monk

Fat Monk

A loving fusion of Poke, Nourish and Buddha Bowls in tasteful and wholesome combinations.

Cheeky deli bowls for everyone

Fat Monk believes that its guests are as individual as its bowls. You can either choose from 9 finely curated signature bowls, which are expanded by seasonal tastes, or create your own original masterpiece. There's a whopping 1,428,134,400 possible combinations, so let's get started! Red Falafel Monk, Pulled Chicken Monk, Salmon Wasabi Monk - whatever you go for, you can expect a colorful and nutritious meal packed with proteins, carbohydrates, greens, and toppings. Plus homemade marinades, dressings and creams which, by the way, are all vegan.
Fat Monk

Healthy and delicious! Can’t wait for my next bowl.

Kristy Lewis

Tasty and healthy food with lots of combination options. The staff is very nice and friendly! Highly recommended for lunch.

Oksana Nykolyn
Fat Monk

A well travelled (Fat) Monk

The mastermind behind this project has travelled the world to bring together the most mouth-watering tastes and high-quality ingredients. He visited the most beautiful rice fields and local farmers with the freshest fruits and vegetables, he talked to the most talented chefs, and made sure to add his own Austrian twist to the preparation techniques. The Fat Monk is definitely fit for the job when it comes to preparing delicious deli bowls bursting with color, flavor, and wellness.

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Fat Monk

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