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This young and bold street food concept from Ostrava believes that fries can become an exceptional meal if you give it enough time, love, and energy.

Do you fancy some fries?

Potatoes are so important here that they even have a "potato of the week" contest. They are all grown locally in the Czech Republic and hand-picked to meet high quality standards. The best part is that you can pair the french fries with fun toppings like melted cheddar or sour cream with chives and home-made dips like plum, chilli or garlic. If you can't make up your mind, go for the OG one.

The fries are delicious. It isn't only an eye-catcher, it is an explosion of taste. The limo is also very good!

Florian Reinholz

Wow. A few potatoes, oil, cheddar cheese, and jalapeňos and foodporn is born.

Marek Pét'a

The recipe to the best pommes frites in town

Inspired by the Flemish preparation process, the fresh sliced potatoes are fried twice. First at a lower temperature for a longer time and then the heat goes up for a shorter amount of time. Vegetable oil is used to enhance the true potato flavor - plus it makes them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The last step is balanced alpine salt treatment, bolstering the overall taste.

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